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Perhaps I should have read the WHI article on cool little ways to make them more interesting before posting my first article last week.. but no matter! I shall try them in this one :)

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First off, one of the most important ways to keep yourself on track is to set several time limits. Proven in many scientific studies, the best way to stay focused is to study for 50 minutes with no distractions (will cover that more in a minute) and then take a 10 minute break - have a drink, go to the toilet, have a bite to eat - followed by another 50 minutes of study. This does, of course, vary on how much actual [home]work or study for exams you have to do and how much time you have available - for example you may have an extra-curricular activity, so you would need to fit something like that in somehow and work around it - ensuring you still get the desired amount of revision in.

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Now, unless you actually need technology because perhaps you are writing an essay on your laptop or whatever it may be, turn off all of your technology! Experts say it takes a whole 25 minutes for your brain to refocus on what you were just studying after you pick up your phone and do some double-tapping on Instagram - yikes! And no, it's all social media and being on your phone on general that has the same effect, not just Instagram, you can't get away that easily! Also, friends can too be a distraction - as well as various other 'things' - you should strive to be aware of your environment and all potential distractions before the studying begins.

Learn to say NO to distractions
- someone wise

If there is an emergency you are needed to be aware of, someone will find a way to get in contact with you. You can no longer use that excuse ;p

Now this author has to get to studying for practice exams in two days!!
I could always do a part II of this, I just didn't have a tonne load of time for writing because of these upcoming "mocks" - we call them! :D

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an environment which suits you is also essential for being able to focus, therefore determining how much study you accomplish.

Good luck for your own studies!! Hope this helped <3

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