I went to yoga last week and I did not like it at all.Oh my God.I used to play tennis for many many years and yoga is just not for me.It is so calm,and all that inhale exhale crap.I cannot go to that place again.I know there are people that love yoga and it helps them feel better etc,but not for me.I also know it is healthy,it helps you clear your mind and refresh your thoughts,but I guess I am not comfortable being calm for an entire hour.There are the exercises it is not all about sitting still but even those exercises are too slow for me.I need to dance,move,run or even ride a bike.Life is not calm it is exciting, it is all about energy and adrenaline.All the negative energy I keep inside of me I get rid of by running,talking to my mom or friends and by just dancing in my room while listening all my favorite songs.I think we should be still sometimes,take a deep breath and not think about anything but I also believe yoga is not for the people like me.I will sit still for 30 minutes and than I will go outside and run for an hour.After running I always feel so powerful excited,full of new ideas and thoughts.Writing is also what makes me feel relieved.For me writing is calm,you are sitting at the desk or on the sofa and you write.Your body is still but your mind is running miles.Run through all those thoughts and put them on the paper,trust me you will feel better.Trust me yoga is too calm for this world.

P.s.You do not have to share my opinion or even like it but I am glad you read this :)