Hello everybody! One of my passions is flower pressing; each year, I collect leaves (during autumn) and flowers (during spring and summer) and I precede in either drying or pressing them! The latter technique can be done by using large books (eg: dictionaries) to press the plants you want to use for your project!

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The first step is simple! You just have to dry the plants and make sure there is no moisture, or else they get moldy! Then, you take them and place them in a large book (preferably a dictionary!) Quick tip: place the plants in between two sheets of sterdy paper then place them in the dictionary, this will not damage it as your plants are drying. You can leave the plants for at least a week or two to perfectly dry!

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Now, after drying you plants, you can include them in whatever you want! In your journal, include them in letters (you have to use a plastic wrap so that the leaves or flowers won't disintegrate), and even jewelry or you can insert them in your phone case (you can look for some diys on YouTube). But I've been thinking about framing some pressed flowers and using some black paper as a background, and believe me, the result is mind blowing!

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These frames will add that sophisticated and eerie touch to any room, besides they have a hint of the Victorian style to them and we all need that in our home! Just get yourself a nice, antique looking frame and you're good to go!

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I also use the flowers to send to my friends, just make sure to use white glue and not glue stick because the leaves and flowers are super fragile!

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I hope this post will get you inspired in making some delightful things, I thought this is so easy that anyone can make beautiful things out of simple and easy to find materials! I hope you're having a wonderful day, stay creative :)