Hello , it is day 2 and I have to show you some things I’m grateful for.

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To be grateful is very important because you show you esteem something or somebody.

I’m grateful:

for being born… it’s a present.

to have my mom. She gives me a wonderful childhood.

for my friends. They show me what does it mean to have a friend. They are always there for me and I can tell them everything.

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to have the chance to go to school.

to be healthy.

for books. They help me to escape from my own life.

for music.

to have the chance to travel a lot.

for being positive .

to see the good side in a human.

to can laugh about myself.

to for the last year. It was amazing. I met wonderful people.

for meeting these people.

for living my life.

for being who I am .

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For what are you grateful? Write about it!

See you