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1. Get comfy! Wear your comfiest sweater, add a shawl or something warm if you're cold!
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2. Take a seat near the window! What's better than looking outside and see the trees and branches moving along the strong winds, and the rain falling and raindrops striking the window, beside the sound of the rain is eerie and it gives a sense of melancholy, that might inspire you to write a poem or paint, think about that!
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3. Make yourself a cup of hot tea or coffee! Be it black tea, green tea, herbal tea, anything goes as long as it makes you feel warm and comfy.
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4. Don't forget your book! A rainy day is perfect for some creepy and spooky reads! So take your Edgar Allan Poe's collected works or maybe some good old ghost stories and urban legends and have fun!
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5. Light candles! Either scented or not, candles are perfect! Turn off all the lights and appreciate the dim flames that adds something mysterious and obscure to you rainy day!