i thought i had finally gotten over you
but i was wrong
completely wrong
lately thoughts of you have been running through my mind
my dreams have been filled with your face
today you sent me a text
i was very excited because i thought you might want to talk again
but i was horribly wrong
you wanted to take away the last thing i had of you left
i built up the courage to say no but you just thought it was a joke
i wish we could stay up all night talking like we used too
i wish i could run to you when things got bad
i wish you would ask to call me like you did every night
i wish to hear you play the songs you came up with that day just to make me fall asleep at night
you were so good to me and i wish i had seen that earlier
but now you are something in the past and i wish you werent
you are gone and you took my heart with you....