So, I think a lot what can I write in my first article, and then I decided to write about making friends.
I like to make friends, but I don't have much frinds, but I like to meet new people with another culture, language and just foreign people. So I hope you like to talk to me if you wanna make a new foreign friend.

Here are some facts about me, so here can you knowme a lil' bit:
(sorry for my english, but I just learn the laguage and I'm not that very good in it)


- if you saw my collections, you can find there some of what I really like/love
- one of these is writing, I really like to write

quote image

- reading is one of my fav. pastime
- k-pop is just cool :D boybands rule :D
- but then I really-really love my series! I think I'm just a maniac about series, I love them so much
- I'm a lover of flannels *o*
- also... Bowties are cool
- big anime fan =^-^=

Superthumb Superthumb blake lively anime

- not much time, but from this year I actually like the korean and also the japanese culture, foods and the interesting people from there, I think this culture is very interesting for me, and I wanna now more about it
- also I like doramas and kdramas too, there are just cute couples :)

exo pinocchio park bo young kdrama

So that's all for my first article. If you want to now me better, then follow me and send me a card and than we can talk. Hope you liked it.