I almost forget that I enjoy and love writing short stories. When was the last time I write? Writing has always been my go to medicine or my secret hideout. It cures me, untangles every negativity and dissatisfaction inside of me. It allows me to express every feelings I have into words which I know I could not mouthed it out to people to make them understand.

Writing has been a very beautiful hobby of mine which never dies on me. People may leave me hanging, unloved me, pinned me to the wall (casting me aside), vanish in a blink of eye etc, but never will my love for writing, feelings and words leave me alone. Your hobby for writing will never fail to amaze you no matter if you script a 5 word long sentence or a 3 whole lot of paragraph.

It is interesting that with every inspiration you develop from within, you eventually develop a good writing. Even with the simplest quote hanging on the wall, you are able to make a story out of it based on your past experiences. Also, I love how my feelings also plays a part in this. Because you are not just blindly writing the words out but, you are also pouring the emotions out into the story. And it is not just one emotion. The deeper your emotions are for the things you write on incidents that you reminisced, different types of emotions will arise. And eventually, you view your piece of writing as an art.

Undeniably, it is an "ART" because it is your masterpiece from all the build up and hidden emotions that nobody knows how long you've been holding it back.