To the boy I will love in the future, wherever you are, I hope you are prepared to meet a storm and I hope you will not leave once the storm passes. Because if you just look past, you'll find calm winds and warm sunshine.

I will love you. But know that I will not love you like how you are expecting me to. I will love you in my own way. I hope you are okay with that. I cannot show you my love freely nor publicly. It takes time for me to openly express myself without cringing inside. Yes, i love you but it will not be screamed across oceans for everyone to hear, instead it will be whispered in your ear at 2 am only for you to hear.

I am a hurricane. I am calm at first and then story the next. I just hope you are prepared for that. There may be times when I am detached, unsociable, quieter than usual but please understand and just hold my hand; remind me that you are near and tether me to Earth because I drift far. There are timed when I am loud, laughing over silly things, making jokes, please laugh with and go with the flow. I am an awkward mess. I may not know what I am saying sometimes but do not make me look stupid. I am embarrassing, please do not be embarrassed of me, instead be embarrassing with me.

Before you, there are my friends, my family, the material things that I own; there will be times where those will be more important than you. Do not make me choose between them and you. I am sorry to say but they were there first, you came in second; I may choose them over you.

I have a lot of pride; I am a stubborn person. I do not like accepting help most of the times because I prefer helping myself. I overthink things. I talk to myself. But I will change for you, although not to the point where I have to fake my way through just to please you. I do not like it when i am questioned too much-- I was never good at sharing my feelings. I might say things I do not mean when my emotions go haywire, so please understand and forgive me in advance. I am not perfect, and neither are you.

Understanding and patience is what this is all about. I do not want love that is spontaneous or passionate, I just want to love and feel loved in return knowing that you are here; that aloe is contentment.

So, to the boy I will love in the future, wherever you are, i hope we will meet someday.