Dear Suicidal People who come across this,
you’re worth more than you know. i know life is hard and it seems easy to just end everything but trust me, you’re ending something so precious. you still have so much to accomplish and while it may seem impossible, just know that someone believes in you. i believe you. find yourself, find your worth because your life means something. you mean something. life is hard, trust me, i understand. i was once on the edge of suicide. for fuck sake, i was hospitalized for it. if i can make it, you can make it.
you’re strong, you’re beautiful, you’re amazing in your own way. just take a deep breath, and remember, you haven’t lived to your fullest potential and while you feel you’re at rock bottom, it’s only temporary. you just gotta live day by day until you feel better and change starts with you, and your willingness to get better. so, ask yourself, are you ready for change?