Hello to all of my dear readers! Welcome to my very first blog post
Why did I title my very first blog post "Bite My Tongue" you may ask?
To answer your question, a very talented young man named Logan Henderson just released his second song called "Bite My Tongue"
Have you heard it yet? If not, STOP what you're doing and click on this link to purchase his song and then come back once you're done listening to it ;)
DID you listen to it? It sounds amazing, right?

"I've never been the social type but I talk to myself every night.
a million voices in my head scream out the things I should've said"

This verse in the song is such a relatable lyric! Why? Because, I have social anxiety and I'm probably the shyest person you'll ever come across. So often those two things hold me back from striking up a conversation with people, so often those two things hold me back from speaking up in person on a topic that matters. Then later on in the night, when I'm alone... a million voices scream out the things I should've of said.. so then I just start talking to myself. Now, I'm not sure that's what Logan means, but in my perspective that's what those lyrics mean to me and that's exactly why I can relate to those lyrics in the song.

When you first play the song, what exactly do you hear? the beat of course! Am I the only one who thought the beat was going to drop? It didn't! instead the beat stays smooth and steady! which I really liked.. Then Logan's angelic voice comes in and I'm just over here like WOW! The lyrics are simple but totally beautiful and elegant, which I'm sure hold a deep meaning behind them! Also, can we talk about that beat after the chorus? The beat after the chorus is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. "Bite My Tongue" is the perfect song to end your summer off with! It sounds summer-y right? The beat is as hot as the sun if I do say so myself! the beat is catchy as hell and this song is going to be on repeat for a while! it's truly a mother f'ing bop! this song deserves to be played on the radio.. maybe we can make that happen?

Have you checked out "Bite My Tongue" yet? If not, you're totally missing out!

To end this very first blog off, I would simply like to say
I'm so damn proud of Logan, he's truly such a talented human being who probably has so many more masterpiece's in the works. This song has made me very excited for what the future holds! I look forward to supporting him further down the road.
Where you can find Logan
Twitter: @1LoganHenderson
Where you can find me