Have you ever feel so lazy to wake up and go through the day as usual? Well I am. Life not always beautiful but somehow I can find some fun thing to do just to deal with the negative feelings. Here are the list that I hope you guys can practice in everyday life 😉

  • Breathe deeply ; Inhale, Exhale
  • Go for a walk or run ; You can do it alone or with your S/O 😉
  • Do simple exercise ; Jump rope, push-up, etc
  • Cook a healthy meal ; I tend to make my own DETOX drink consist of plain water with sliced green apple and strawberry
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  • Draw, paint or just DIY anything ; I draw and paint every weekend since I was 3
  • Read a book or magazine or newspaper ; I've read Harry Potter books series at least 30 times so far. TRUE POTTERHEAD OVER HERE
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  • Write something ; This is why I'm here
  • Listen to music ; I loved to use SPOTIFY app to stream some of my favorite playlist and music
  • Go to a concert ; I wish to attend any music festival sooner
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  • Clean your house ; I re-arrange my room once a month. If I have new stuff to decorate the room, then I will do it again
  • Meet up with friends ; T.G.I.F
  • Take a break from your phone, computer, and any social media ; Cause honestly being social can be exhausting sometime
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  • Write down all the things you are thankful for ; I always thank my family for stand by me
  • Write down all the things you love about yourself ; Self-love is important dearies
  • Read some inspirational quotes ; Just type MOTIVATION QUOTES in the search bar to read some of them and boost your mood
  • Take a trip to anywhere ; Plan a short trip/ one-day trip with your friends or loved one
  • Take a nap ; If you're feeling too tired, just lay in the bed and sleep
  • CRY if you need to ; This will make you feel better I swear
  • Get PROFESSIONAL help if you need to ; This is nothing to embarassed about, I get it when I was at the lowest and it certainly helped
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  • Watch you favorite movies or TV SHOW ; I watch Ellen Degeneres Show everyday
  • Watch funny videos on the internet ; Funny Animal Compilation never failed to cheer up my day
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  • Paint your nails with a new color ; I'm thinking to paint my nails pink next time
  • Do your make-up ; I do my make-up every day cause it will boost my confidence
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  • Go to the art gallery ; As an art lover, I really loved strolling around the gallery and study the artwork
  • Go shopping an treat yourself ; I do my shopping alone. Who else?
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  • Play with a pet ; I don't own a pet so I visited CAT CAFE once a while
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  • Write down negative thoughts and tear it up
  • Remind yourself that you are beautiful and deserves happiness and love
  • Remind yourself that negative thinking are only temporary
  • Make your own list of ways to help you deal with negative feelings (CHALLENGE)


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