Hello My Little Fellows,

Its me, your cult leader, Speckledmutt. So this year, at my high school, we received a new principal. In my personal opinion of being with him for the past three weeks, HE SUCKS. Now that could just be my "rebellious teen spirit" talking, but I can not stand him and his new rules and regulations he has brought along with him.

Last year, my junior year, our principal was more lenient on the dress code rules. For example, the no holes in your jeans rule, we were allowed to have holes as long as they were from the knee down. And the whole "I can see your shoulder" thing was basically not really a problem, unless you had one of the crusty older aged teachers. Now if a girl so much as showed off her toes in a pair of basic sandals, you are sent straight off to the office.

At this point you are probably asking yourself, why is our dear cult leader bringing this random topic up. Well I'll tell you why my little pretties. I. WAS. DRESS CODED. Honestly it was over the stupidest little thing, my bra strap. While I strutted myself to the office, looking really cute in my new outfit, I was ready to fight someone.

It took me at least 15 MINUTES to get looked at by an AP to make sure my outfit wouldn't distract the male student and teachers with my black, frilly, bralette. And when I finally met my AP, who was a women, she couldn't even look at me anywhere below my face and she seemed be struggling the say the word bra out loud. It was like she was terrified that if she said that a scary bra strap dark lord would kill her. (but just imagined a bra strap Voldemort for a sec.)

So basically this was just an up date on my life. What was supposed to be my best year in high school is starting to look like it will be hell. Wish me luck and let me know if this has happened to you at one time in your schooling years.

Well I'm glad I got to share more about myself. Bye my mellow fellows.