when you really think about it, love has twists and turns. bumps and sharp turns that weren't expected. love is supposed to be carefree. or, at least, that's what we are taught.

in reality, love is just a confusing sight to some. to them, like me, we don't know what direction we're going until we're heading down that road with nothing ready to prepare us. things come flying forward. then all of a sudden you're comparing things to others and you want to scream or cry.

we fight through it. we try and push away those colors, those colors that remind you of every damned thing. yellow, happiness. green, jealousy. purple, nervous. everything spins and spins and you just want to hear those three words from your loved one. to you, those three words might be, "i love you."

but to me, those three words are, "count on me." put some trust into what you're doing and stay strong. stay true to yourself and do whatever makes you happy. and suddenly, love doesn't seem that scary until you go through the aches of heartbreak.

song: you can count on me by ansel elgort ft. logic