Step one

1. "Wake up early"

Obviously, no one is going to do this, because who the fuck wakes up early on purpose? I right?

Well...I wake up early........but that's just because apparently God waved his magical finger and declared that, the extremely magestic and modest, Carswell had to wake up at 5 o'clock every moring.....and BAM! Looky there...I'm awake. :/ * sighs *

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Step two

2. "Drink a glass of freezing cold water......I'm talking Titanic here..."

If you can't do anything else in this this. It takes refreshing to a whole new level. Your thirst will be satisfied, and your mood will increase.....because who doesn't love a good glass of less frozen h2o?

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disclaimer : "If your water has some sort of live animal in should know......not drink it.."

3. "Toiletry moments" coming soon.....