''Let's face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; It does for me.''

- Audrey Hepburn

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Honestly, what would life be like without chocolate, cupcakes & ice cream?!
Yes I enjoy a great salty meal but the truth is that the most memorable dinners of your life all end in this musical note that is the dessert.

From the simple birthday cake, the chocolate box your sweetheart offers you from time to time, to the childhood times of your outings going straight to the candy store. It is also that majestic wedding cake that makes the celebration complete… It gives a sweet scent to the perfume of your past memories.

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What really makes me more of a sweet tooth is baking and chocolate making….mostly baking tho. It’s a form of art to me : To be good at anything, it requires genuine passion; but there are some things that I do believe require a little more of heart involvement. Everything matters for masters chocolatier and bakers…the taste, the aspect, the colors, the shape, the scent and what their work represents. I could honestly live in a bakery If I could lol.

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And I love sugar but not in a ‘’diabety’’way (I just invented it…and no offense to anyone). You know personally sugary candy bars, soda, donuts; these are not my favourites. And no matter what, whatever sweet thing you’re consuming, be reasonable and avoid getting closer to health problems you really do not need.
But my point is that for me it does not resume itself to just to that. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, stay fit and treat yourself from time to time, there are so many healthy recipes full of fruits. Plus you can replace some ingredients against others with a bit of originality :

For instance if you want to make some banana pancakes recipe you found on the internet or in a cooking book, and it tells you to add a certain amount of sugar and stuff, be creative and replace it with a little bit of vanilla, or honey, or apple sauce…or cinnamon…or dates…top it of with some berries or whatever…hihi.

Sweet to me is the synonym of elegance, colour and imaginativeness. When I hear ''Let's bake today.'', it sounds more to me like ''Let's make magic.''

The sweet taste promotes happiness, contentment, calmness, cheerfulness, love and satisfaction in the mind.


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Let me share cookies with you to thank you for reading ❤️🙂

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