There are so many things that I am grateful for and so many things TO be grateful for. One of the things I am MOST thankful for are my parents. They are the real MVP's here. My hard times are supported and my mistakes are forgiven. Help is given when needed. Arms are open. Every opportunity to be successful is provided and continues to be.
My mom. My mom has some pretty nasty mood swings. She can be selfish. She sometimes holds things against you. Shes a busy bug and can never relax. Shes a worry worm but has the right to be considering her children.
My mom loves to be outside. She loves seeing new things and traveling to new places. She loves to have fun. She wants the best for you. She works hard to have nice things. Shes independent.
My dad. My dad is stressed. He doesn't let himself enjoy life because hes too busy taking care of the people around him. Hes not materialistic, hes simple.
My dad is patient. He has a awesome sense of humor. He loves being on the golf course. He has a huge heart and that sometimes bites him in the ass. He is calm. He is a money savor.

Its crazy how polar opposite my parents are yet I find myself being just like them. I clash with myself.
I am thankful for my parents and the unconditional love they give me. Thank you.