Hey Hearters!
So recently I took a trip to Barnes and Noble and picked up two books. I'm not even gonna lie, B&N is on the pricey side so if you can it would be way cheaper to purchace books online. Here are some facts on the book

Title: Milk and Honey
Author : Rapi Kaur
Genre: Poetry
Price: 14.99 (US) 19.99 (Canada)

My opinion:
There are 4 parts to this book; the hurting, the loving, the breaking, the healing. Trigger Warning: this book talks about rape and heartbreak so please, please, please, do not read at least the first part if you still or may get triggers from those topics. On the other hand this book is really helpful and inspiring to those who need/ looking for a voice or something to help with the pain. It is also a reminder that even though you may have many downs in life you will get to a higher place and you would have not made it there if it weren't for the downs.
My Rate:
I give it a 10/10 because it shows me how to find confidence, self worth, and most importantly self love (because you will never be able to love someone if you don't love yourself). The only thing I wasn't happy about was the price.
If you read this far thanks!!!! I apologize in advance for any mistakes in advance. I know this isnt an accurate book review but I've never written one like this before and I kinda wanted to give it a shot! Show some love! I"ll try to write another when I can/remember but school is tiring so it might not be up soon :((((