you guys, it happened.

After 6 years of hearting the same images of sad teenagers, disheartening song lyrics, and unhealthy relationships; after a lifetime of getting my heart broken by the falsely idolized and the constantly empty- it happened.
I found the boy I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with.
And man, do I believe in this.

His curls take the shape of my touch; they wrap around my fingers effortlessly and they fall right between his eyes -something I love so much about him.
His eyes look at me the way people have only dreamed of being looked at, the way we've only seen in those Nicholas sparks movies (yeah, I know, but listen, this look is FOR REAL)
His arms hold me tighter than I ever knew I needed, whether it be holding me while I cry or hugging me when I haven't seen him in a few days.
His fingers touch my skin in the lightest way you could imagine, and guys, every inch of me just lights up.
His voice works wonders in me, I swear. I could be having the worst anxiety attack to date, and just hearing his voice helps steady my heartbeat and slow my breathing.

This boy is everything I've ever wished for. And I know, it just sounds like every other poem on tumblr about a dreamy boy with perfect curls and killer eyes; "you're not actually going to marry this boy."
But with that I ask, what do you believe in?

To all the boys, girls, and other human beings reading this, if you're reading this and wishing for something like this, keep believing. The right one will pop up when and where you least expect it and it'll be complete and utter bliss, I promise.
To you reading this who have something like this with any other type of human being, do not let them go. this is it, my friend. We're in this for the long run with this person, and we're so lucky to be able to feel this way, believe me.
And to all of you reading this who laugh and believe that it's the biggest load of bullshit you've ever read, I wish you the best of luck. This feeling is too fantastic to go one day without believing in; this life is too difficult to go one interaction after another without seeing love fly in between.

Will I marry this boy?
Well, only time will tell.
But I've got a real good feeling that the ring on my finger that he gave to me a year after he first called me his is a good sign.

Love? Yeah, I believe in that.