I'm completely surrounded by a group of people
Yet I still feel entirely alone
I greet my friends.... Joking... laughing... passing the time with them
Yet i still feel entirely alone
I'm filled with the joyful presence of my family
Them loving and caring for me, yet I still feel entirely alone
I find myself again with a crowd of people
Carrying this role of myself that I play so well
The role of a happy young woman to mask the inner sad broken girl that dwells in this soulless body
A role that becomes more challenging to portray each passing day
Each night I fight with my self destruction desires of wanting to be alone yet hate the feeling of being lonely
What's the limitation of someone feeling so alone that the person they once were is out of reach and gone for good
How much loneliness can someone consume
When will it stop.....
Will it leave me once it has consumed me entirely
Or will this intoxication plague and keep spreading around haunting poor souls like myself
Finding its next victim once it has succeeded in destroying me