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Hinata Shouyo with the volleyball hitting his head is my reaction to out-of-the-blue missing a person I got over two or three years ago! Like legit, when I was walking home a day ago, the thought drops in on my head precisely like that volleyball, and I'm just standing there—!!




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And ya wanna know what's ironic? *grumbles* Of course, it's always like this, back to bite my ass... Normally, and almost very often, I don't like reading those sad, sappy romance-related, and in my personal opinion, dramatic shiz about missing or liking a person who wouldn't like you back (there are some people out there who have a tendency to be really dramatic!! I am a witness!!) because I myself haven't really gone through being sad about someone. I don't go all doe-eyed and swooning, I actually get really flustered and baby-stamping-feet-tantrum because—!!! I don't know! I'm not angry that they won't like me back, I'm flipping tables because WHY, I DON'T WANT TO LIKE THEM.

Anyway, this article is just to... ASFGHJKLQWEJHBNFD about how for some reason, my old feelings for a guy I used to like in elementary all the way up until grade 9, is possibly coming back...?


BLEEHHHH, seriously, while walking home, I get this sudden thought: I miss him — whEN I'M noT EVEN cLOSE wiTH HIM ANyMOre?? We don't hang out with the same group anymore, I can't even properly talk to him, and it feels/seems like he's kinda avoiding me! Good frickin gosh, crushes are AWFUL.

My kind of crushes are made through admiration, and lately, it's been for athletic guys. = _ =; The one I'm possibly gaining a crush for again is almost good at any sport. Then there's the one that started in grade 10, and guess what, he's also good at a variety of sports! *sputters* GO AWAY, I DON'T WANT TO HAVE A CRUSH! DX ; - ; Ugh, this is so frustrating. I needa beep out (get outta here).