• Reckless
Doing something dangerous and not worrying about the risks and the possible results

It's not that I don't worry about the consequences of my actions (well, actually it think it is like that), It's just that if I torture myself thinking what will happen if I do something I will end up doing nothing and I'm not the type of person that keeps the desire of doing something, I just go for it.

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  • Bossy
A bossy person is always telling people what to do.

Every time I have to work with other people they are always lost or they don't care about what we have to do, that's why I'm always telling everyone what to do. Because someone has to be the leader.

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  • Impulsive
Showing behaviour in which you do things suddenly without any planning and without considering the effects they may have.

I don't really think before I act. I just do and say what first comes to my mind, of course there are some cases where I think before doing or saying something.

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  • Impatient
Easily annoyed by someone's mistakes or because you have to wait.
Wanting something to happen as soon as possible.

I don't get annoyed by people's mistake but I do hate to wait.

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  • Perfectionist
A person who wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible.

Well, I just like things to be done in the best way possible.

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