@TypicalGirl48 has set up a 30-day challenge where you have to answer one question each day for a month to let your followers know a bit more about yourself. You can find the original challenge here:

Day 1:
20 facts about me
1-Biggest Shawn Mendes fan.
2-I hate heights and deep water.
3-i am in 9th-grade \ highschool.
4-My native language is Arabic, fluent at English, learning French and Turkish.
5-I hate sports because I am bad at them.
6- I am a curvy girl.
7-I prefer salty food over sweet.
8-I am a petite girl.
9-I am 157cm tall.
10-I have three younger sisters.
11-Navy blue is my favorite color.
12-I love music.
13-My zodiac sign is cancer.
14-I will forgive you but never forget
15-I love my family.
16-My goal is to get a scholarship to the UK.
17-I've never been to a concert but I really want to go badly.
18-Zoella is my favorite youtuber.
19-Confess by Colleen hoover is my favorite book.
20-My favorite song at the moment is New Rules, Dua Lipa.
Here are the 20 facts about me. See you tomorrow. And i wanted to say that many I will have to skip few days because of homework and school stuff9i know I hate them too) Byyyyyyyyyye Guys.