Why do we dread being vulnerable so much? Why is it not okay not to be alright? Why are we so scared to have a weakness? Aren't we humans? All these questions race through my mind and are certainly going to drive me insane if not answered.

Is it our ego or is it our unconscious minds tricking us into thinking that we are above vulnerability? Or is it a defense mechanism we humans use to hide our insecurities, vulnerability, or imperfections. But what I really need to know is not what in our minds causes such a reaction ;instead, what I want to know is why is it not okay to be flawed or imperfect in the first place. But some questions can not and will not be answered making the solution way more important and much needed.

I wholeheartedly hope we start truly accepting that being flawed is okay; well more than okay as it really accentuates the fact that we are human. I'm not glorifying sickness; instead, what I'm saying is that don't ever be ashamed to be vulnerable, weak, or to ask for help simply because nobody is complete or whole and everybody is flawed, beautifully flawed. Together although we are flawed we'll help mend one another.
Spread love always.-F.T.