How to: Flat belly detox water🍊🍋💕
What you need:
1/2 slices lemon
3-5 slices of cucumber
1/4 sliced up orange
3-5 fresh mint leaves
24 oz water (you can add ice to this)
A large pitcher -
What to do:💚
Pour about 24 ounces of iced cold water into a pitcher and then add in the rest of the ingredients. Let this sit overnight and then drink it in the morning. (: The cucumbers help to cleanse out your body, and the mint leaves help to improve your digestion. This detox water also has a nice amount of fiber in it, and it will improve your metabolism. 💕

How to: Apply makeup like a pro🙊💓
Step 1: Make sure that you use a rich moisturizer that is perfect for your skin, and helps to give your skin a nice beautiful glow. So that you'll have that awesome base for when you start applying the rest of your makeup.
Step 2: If you have any pimples, or red areas on your face, then apply some eye drops on them with a cotton swab. This will help to make the redness go away in just a few minutes.
Step 3: Grab a nice toned primer and apply this to your face, this will help to brighten up your face, and the darker areas on your face.
Step 4: Before you apply your foundation, make sure to set your primer with a powder. This way, the primer won't be messed up, and it'll stay in place. Leaving your foundation to be flawless.
Step 5: When you're applying your foundation, use a beauty blender. This way, your makeup won't look heavy or overdone. It'll make your makeup look more natural.
Step 6: If you don't like for your baby hairs to show up on your face, then try to run your makeup brush over your entire face in a downward motion, so that your baby hairs will be flat against your face. You can do this after you've applied your powder and foundation.
Step 7: If you want that inner glow look, then apply a creamy blush, highlighter, or a bronzer underneath your foundation. This will give you a nice glow like natural look.
8: If you're trying to create the perfect natural looking eyebrows, then get a slim brow pencil, and start to use thin strokes that go in the direct of the way that your eyebrows grow. Then set it with a texturizing eyebrow gel.

Easy morning workout routine
15 burpees
15 jump squats
10 curtesy lunges
15 mountain climbers
30 crunches -

How to get rid of pimples!
What to do: Combine your ingredients of one teaspoon of baking soda with a small amount of either lemon juice, or water. Mix it together until it forms a thick paste. Make sure that your skin is clean before you apply this paste to it. Once you apply the paste to it, make sure that it isn't on your skin for more than 2 minutes, this way, your skin won't get irritated or dry. You can wash the paste off with warm water. Then try it again later on in the day. 💕

Flat stomach workout 💪🏼💕
15 Regular crunches
20 Bicycle crunches
25 Crunch twists
15 Reverse crunches
10 Vertical leg crunch
15 Long arm crunch -

How to lighten under-eye circles.
What to do: Take some coconut oil and start to massage your dark underarms with them. Then leave this on for about 20 minutes. You can wash this off with some mildly warm water and repeat this 2 to 3 times each day. 💙 -

How to get rid of dead skin cells
What to do: Get a small bowl and put 1/2 cup of fine sugar in there along with 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Then you can add 2 or 3 teaspoons of honey, and a small amount of lemon juice. Mix this up, and apply this to your skin, by massaging it on in circular motions for a few minutes. Leave this on for a little while then rinse it off with mildly warm water. You can do this twice a week. 💕

How to: DIY ripped up jeans 👖💕
Step 1: Pick out the jeans that you want to turn into ripped up jeans, you should probably test it out first on a pair that you don't care too much for.
Step 2: Start to make your jeans look distressed, you can do this by getting some sandpaper and some sharp small scissors. You can get a cardboard and put them inside your jeans to make sure that what you do on the front of your jeans won't alter the back as well.
Step 3: Start drawing the areas with chalk or pen on the areas that you would want to make ripped or distressed.
Step 4: Your jeans should be flat down, and grab your sandpaper and start rubbing it on your jeans to make it look distressed. This will thin out your denim, and it'll start to look worn out.
Step 5: For the holes in your jeans, you can start to cut the distressed areas with your scissors. You can also use the edges of your scissors or your nice to start scrapping your jeans so that you can get a whole in your jeans that won't show your skin completely. Just start cutting them from left to right until you get the results that you're desiring. -

How to: Get rid of blackheads -
What you need:
1 tablespoon of milk
1 tablespoon of gelatine powder -
What to do:
Pick a microwaveable bowl and add the ingredients in there. Make sure that you mix everything up well. Now put the bowl into the microwave for 10 seconds. Let the bowl cool down a little bit, then grab a makeup brush, and apply the mixture onto your nose with it. Leave this nose strip on for about 10 minutes, then you can take it off, and your blackheads will be removed. 😊
Second way to remove blackheads:
What you need:
2 teaspoons of baking soda
Water -
What to do:
Grab 2 teaspoons of baking soda and then pour it into a small bowl. Now add a little bit of water to it and mix it up well until it forms a paste like texture. Now apply this paste to your blackheads and massage it into your skin, and let it dry for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. -

Great abs workout routine 💪🏼💕
20 long arm crunches
20 heel touches
20 Russian twists
30 sec plank
20 Spider-Man plank crunches
10 side jack knifes
20 slow mountain climbers -
Tips for clear skin
⋆ Washing face
Start by washing your face every morning and night, it helps keep oils off of your face and helps keep crud out of your pores, therefore, preventing acne.
⋆ face scrub
Make a natural face scrub to help get rid of any acne that you might have. Mix baking soda and water in a bowl until it forms a paste, then rub it on your skin and let sit for 2-4 minutes. Then, rinse with cool water and pat dry your face. By doing this, it helps exfoliate your skin and take away old, dead skin cells, plus, the baking soda kills bacteria that acne thrive in.
⋆ don’t touch face
Your fingers have oils and grease from your day and those oils can lead to an oily face which eventually will lead to acne.
⋆ hydration
Stay hydrated. Keeping hydrated all day can keep your face hydrated and also help stay clear. Try to drink 6-8 cups of water a day.
⋆ minimize makeup usage
Make sure to take a break from heavy makeup (if you wear it). Wearing to much makeup and keeping it on a long time can clog your pores.
⋆ healthy diet
maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help your body and skin stay healthy. Exercising is a fantastic way to get rid of stress, to keep blood-flow pumping, and to ensure a good night's rest.

Getting rid of under eye circles
✨ get plenty of sleep, you need
your beauty sleep for them to

✨ place cucumber slices under
your eyes, do this daily while
laying down for 10-15 minutes

✨ a blocked nose can result to
dark circles under your eyes. So make sure your nose is clear

✨ don't drink to many fluids
before going to bed

✨ avoid rubbing your eyes, it
irritates the skin causing puffiness
and discoloration

✨ eat a healthy diet enriched with
vitamins C, D, E

Beauty Hacks
• run out of makeup remover? Substitute it with baby lotion or olive oil!

• combine oatmeal, honey, and yogurt for a face mask for dry skin!

• after your mascara gets old, throw it away but keep the wand and then clean it and use it as an eyebrow comb

• drinking one glass of water before bed helps avoid strokes or heart attacks

• 2-3 sprays of perfume is the perfect amount
• place two cold green tea bags on your eyes for 5-10 minutes to get rid of dark circles

• eating blueberries helps reduce belly fat

Life hacks
👅 use a paper reinforcement on your nail to get the perfect tip for a French main.

👅 exercise tough for 15 minutes to get a better result than working out for an hour.

👅 order things online without getting your card number stolen by using a gift card.

👅 exfoliate your legs the night before you tan for a better results.

👅 play the sound of an air conditioner on YouTube to mentally feel cooler and not hot.

👅 index cards are the best way to study & will help you get better grades then before.

👅 use Vaseline to remove any extra makeup.

👅 eat a spoonful of peanut butter every day before bed to improve your digestive system.

👅 people can walk past you and steal your card #, prevent this by wrapping any of your credit or debit cards in tin foil to help. 👅 Phone frozen? Plug it into the charger.

First date guide
👅 don’t stress over it:
• If you’re all nervous and crazy it might go as well as you want it too. Relax. Be yourself

👅 don’t try to be someone else:
• you are perfect just the way you are. Don't feel like you have to act differently around them. If they can't accept the way you are then, their dumb because their missing out.

👅 Find out more about them:
• don’t let the date be awkward! Ask about their family, other friends, school, music, anything! Find things you have in common.

👅 be aware of what's going on:
• some guys have different intention than you do. They could be players or perfect gentleman.
• Observe how he acts and deals with things before you go into a deeper relationship.

👅 Look them in the eyes:
• don’t look down the whole time. Show you’re confident and amazing, because you are.

👅 Show your humorous side:
• Make jokes and make them remember the date as really fun and enjoyable!

👅 If you’re a guy, pay for the date:
• be a gentleman! If you’re a girl, offer to pay, but if he says no, offer to pay for yourself. If not then just let him pay. More pocket money for you

👅 wherever you and your date plan to go, make it memorable:
• Be yourself, be confident, and I hope your first date goes well!

Fishtail braid 🌸

🌸gather hair into a ponytail, pull to the side, or bring it all to the back

🌸divide the hair into two equal parts

🌸take a small piece from the outside of side one and pass the piece to over (not under) to side two. Take a small piece from the outside of side two and pass over to side one. continue this process

🌸 once you have finished the braid (takes a lot longer than a normal three strand braid), you can secure the ends with an elastic band

🌻for a looser braid, you can gently pull the braid apart, helping to separate the pieces a bit, loosening the braid

🌻for a sleeker braid, make sure to brush through your hair first, and try to keep the braid as tight as possible

🌻for a “messy/ boo” braid, you can add texture prior to starting the braid by curling your hair or teasing your hair a bit, and don’t worry about keeping the braid too tight as you work. This will help the braid to appear a bit thicker and looser

Prevent dry skin & lips 👄
- always moisturize:
moisturizers contain more oils rather than
a lotion and will help keep your skin nice
and moisturizes. Also with your lips, use
Vaseline. Most lip products contain some
ingredients that cause lips to peel.

- don't over wash:
when washing your face, try to stick with
just rinsing with water when you wake up
and dove soap* at night to prevent dry
skin from over washing.

- exfoliate:
exfoliate your lips by rubbing sugar on
them and rinsing over to get rid of any
dead cells, same with your face except
don't use sugar. Try St. vies products.

- be aware with makeup:
some makeup products dry up your skin
more than others do. Be aware of which
brands keep your skin moisturized.

- drink water:
water will help replenish and hydrate
your skin. Plus it has many, many adv.-
stages to your body.*dove soap - because it's more natural and it doesn't contain harmful chemicals
How to: Soft Hair ⛅

• before you shower make sure to brush softly your hair and then once you are in the shower, comb your hair with a toothed comb

• make sure to leave in conditioner for about 10 minutes. Or if you want after you're done showering apply leave in conditioner

• try not to use a lot of heat in your hair but if you do make sure to apply heat protectant at all times

• try using hair masks. Or you can get a very good shampoo and conditioner that has avocado in it. But, don’t wash your hair daily because it'll get damaged

• trim split ends every 3-4 months. You can braid your hair at night too. When brushing your hair start at the bottom and work your way to the top

• try doing the mayonnaise treatment. Or use Shea butter to hydrate your hair. Also don’t use products that contain sodium lauryl sulphate

• don't wash your hair with hot water because it will become damaged. Use as much cold water as you can. And when rinsing off your conditioner get at least 7/8 of it off

Life hack 2
Hack #1:
fill a water bottle halfway and then put it on its side in the freezer. This allows your drink to stay cool and not be completely frozen when filled.

∘ hack #2:
massaging your head helps increase blood flow to increase hair growth. Do this for two weeks every other day. Then stop to avoid your hair to become used to it and begin again.

∘ hack #3:
have a ring that's too big? Put some hot glue on the inside bottom part to make it fit better.

∘ hack #4:
rub any exposed skin with a scented dryer sheet to prevent bug bites. Keep it in your pocket afterwards as well to help prevent the mosquitoes.

∘ hack #5:
to receive coupons and discounts for pizza, visit It will give you codes based on where you live so you don't have to worry!

∘ hack #6:
it is more effective for you to work out in the morning, plus it'll keep you in a good mood throughout the rest of the day and may help you make healthy decisions.

∘ hack #7:
apply aloe to your skin after being in the sun for a long time to reduce redness and add extra moisture to your skin.