Never have I ever experienced such a heartbreak after binge watching a series.
My only purpose throughout the week was to watch GG. Food, sleep or social contacts were irrelevant!!! I would be annoyed whenever someone yelled for me to do this and that.
I was blinded by the glorious world of the upper east side and I don't regret a second.

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But let me tell you one thing... CHAIR is the most adorable thing on earth!

1 Relationships

From the beginning till the very end the characters dragged you from one affair to another serious relationship. If I would've watched GG over years I wouldn't be as torn as I am now. One week's just very harsh.

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Who do you guys ship? I was always shipping Serena and Dan, they were just simply in love and seemed pretty happy together.

Lilly and Rufus were just meant to be! Which makes me really angry and sad that they didn't end up together. At least they were close friends towards the end.

Nate should've kept Vanessa. I didn't like her at all, she was just plain annoying in my opinion. But she fit him really well and brought him down to earth, which he already was. Just saying.. every woman he had throughout the seasons wasn't right for him. I thought it was unfair for him to end up alone after all he had to go through financially and on compassionate grounds. Luckily he had a prospering career ahead of him.

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Chuck und Blair are, were and will always be the perfect couple. With a touch of craziness, sexiness and brilliant minds these two twisted us around their fingers. Utterly charming and meant to be, _Chair_represented the ultimate upper east side lovestory!

2 Fashion

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One thing that grabbed my attention from the beginning was the clothing of the cast. The School Uniforms, fancy dresses for events or plain daily dressing was spot on! I sometimes cringed at some outfits or hairstyles (Chuck) haha, I mean it's not that long ago and I do cringe at 2000+ fashion, so yeah.

But most of the time I enjoyed watching them dress up for all these events and although I admire Blair's sense for individual fashion and her love for headbands, I still prefer Serena's wardrobe. She was just alwas very casual and chic/elegant at the same time.

3 Locations

I couldn't picture a better place than NYC! This city is just full of life, fashion, scandals and potential.

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One day I'll visit New York and Paris, only to see what it's like walking up and down the streets, sitting outside a cafe sipping on coffee, portraying myself being a part of the series. This sounds absolutely ridiculous but I just have this thing for dramas and I could give a pretty convincing rendition of Blair Waldorf haha. Omg this series has officially made me go crazy, thanks GG :)

4 The ending

OMG is all I can say!
The dumb thing is that I pre watched videos on youtube and got spoiled about you know who being GG.
It was a tremendous shock for me, still I had to watch it.
I was disappointed because the events that took place deserved so much more time. They were rushed out way too fast, almost like I couldn't enjoy the moment(s) at all! So yeah, for me it ended way too and it seemed like they had no storyline left, so putting it all in that final episode would just end it all.

Anyways.. I am one of the ones who agrees with ... being GG. To me it seemed pretty obvious cause that person had the perfect motives to be "her". No disappointment from my side.

I'm just super overwhelmed of how this series took over my life and my feelings.
What I loved the most were these ups and downs between Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. My heart broke a little more everytime they were distancing from each other or I would almost have heart attacks whenever they would get close.

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But let me quote Mr.sexyass Chuck Bass : "If two people are meant to be together, eventually they'll fnd their way back", well said darling, well said.

So yeah, this is it. I will now continue watching bloopers, behind the scenes, interviews, later on trying to find my way back into real life :)

Fundaxoxo haha :D