Day 1: Your favorite character.

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Day 2: Your favorite princess.

beauty and the beast, belle, and disney image

Day 3: Your favorite heroine.

mulan, disney, and shang image

Day 4: Your favorite prince.
Prince Eric

art, disney, and mermaid image

Day 5: Your favorite hero.

hercules and disney image

Day 6: Your favorite animal.
The Cheshire Cat

alice in wonderland, gif, and Cheshire cat image

Day 7: Your favorite sidekick.

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Day 8: Your favorite villain.

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Day 9: Your favorite original character.

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Day 10: Your favorite song.
You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)

disney, toy story, and gif image

Day 11: Your favorite love song.
Beauty and the Beast

disney, beauty and the beast, and princess image

Day 12: Your favorite villain song.
Heffalumps and Woozles (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh)

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Day 13: Your least favorite song.
Let It Go (Frozen)

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Day 14: Your favorite kiss.

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Day 15: The first movie you saw.
Umm... The Lion King?

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Day 16: Your favorite classic.
Lady and the Tramp

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Day 17: Your least favorite classic.

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Day 18: Your favorite Pixar film.

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Day 19: Your least favorite Pixar film.
The Incredibles

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Day 20: Favorite sequel.
Lady and the Tramp II (Scamp's Adventure)

disney and lady and the tramp image

Day 21: An overrated movie.

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Day 22: An underrated movie.
Um, I don't know. Winnie the Pooh is pretty underrated I think.

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Day 23: A movie that makes you laugh.
Monsters Inc

monster, disney, and monsters inc image

Day 24: A movie that makes you cry.

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Day 25: Your favorite scene from your favorite movie.
The spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp.

disney, dog, and lady and the tramp image

Day 26: Saddest death.
When Ellie passes away in Up :(

disney, up, and love image

Day 27: Your favorite quote.

Just keep swimming
Finding Nemo
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Day 28: Your favorite theme park.
Magic Kingdom

castle, disney, and disneyland image

Day 29: Your favorite theme attraction.
Cinderella's Castle

disney, wallpaper, and castle image

Day 30: Your favorite theme park show.
The fireworks over the castle.

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