When exactly
Did our phone calls become more and more rare?
When exactly
Did our conversations hold more silence?
When exactly
Did you become the one person I didn’t want to open up to?
Was it our busy schedules
Or the fact that I forgave the person
who felt the same way I do now?
Bossed around
Hanging on only because
I’ve known you for so long
Letting go now would be strange
Especially since, on the surface
Everything seems fine
We laugh and joke
(even though you no longer laugh at my jokes)
And are always seen together
(Well, at school at least)

But little do they know
That I’m never your first choice
And the twinge of pain I feel for this
Quickly diminishes when I remember
That I have other arms to run to
The arms of people who don’t make snarky comments
And treat me like a baby
Is the problem that you are too used to me?
The fake facade of your kiss-up affections
Has evaporated into thin air

You are not my sister
You cannot be short-tempered and rude
And expect it to be okay
You are not my sister
And definitely not my best friend
We have been there
And done that
And it was good while it lasted
But for now
I think I’ll stay away
But close enough
To give you a friendly smile in the hall
And ask you how your day has gone