So, i just realize that it´s possible to write things on WHI. I like it. Honestly, i don't really know what is this going to be about. I think i just will tell you some facts about me, so you can get to know me.
I am from BA, Argentina. My native language is spanish (thats why, i will write things in spanish to). I speak english, but my writing is still not good (in my opinion) and i want to improve it. I am a very exigent person, but only with myself. I also want to learn more languages (as italian, french, etc), actually i love learning!, about everything ( that doesn´t mean that i like school. i hate school just like most of teenangers ) . I
I am really into anything related to art: i sing, act, play the piano, take pictures, direct and film, write,; otherwise i am not sure about what i am going to do once i´d finished school.
i thought i would be tricky to write all those things about me in social media, but surprisely it´s not. I am still not sure why i am doing this. I promess i will post more useful things later.
Have a good day!,