10) Prisoners (2013)

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Such a great aesthetic! Prisoners is for sure the best Denis Villeneuve's movie, maybe it shares the first colocation with Arrival (which is pretty good too). Hugh Jackman never did a thing like this one, and Jake Gyllenhaal is as good as him. All the feelings and the ways of how you can deal with a disaster is represented in it, but don't think that you're going to be happy after watching this film. You'll be feeling sad and reflective because each character suffers in their own way. By the way it's not a movie to suit all tastes, but no one can deny that it is great.

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11) Alien (1979)

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Ridley Scott is kind of slow when it comes to rhythm in his films. Alien is almost an exception, it takes time until you get into the narrative, but when the movie starts running, it gets perfect. The soundtrack fits really well in the futuristic scenes and the characters are not shallow or useless as the other types of terror movies that we see nowadays.

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12) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Many people think 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' was directed by Tim Burton, but it wasn't. It's very similar to his aesthetic of movies, but Burton just prodused it (Henry Selick directed it by the way). Of course there are a lot of good stop motions out there (like Corpse Bride; Coraline; Frankweenie; Chicken Run; Kubo and the two strings), but when it comes to story, this is my favorite.

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