'Never Tear Us Apart'

Two years before "Never Tear Us Apart" was released as an INXS single, Andrew Farriss felt inspired and took a seat in front of a piano to capture the first notes of something that would eventually become an anthem of the Australian band . It happened somewhere in New Zealand, while the rest of the band was playing tennis.
said Farris: "I always thought that I had the potential and that's why I asked Michael to give me his opinion," Farriss shared as part of the tribute to Hutchence to celebrate what would have been his 50th birthday.

Hutchence was very pleased with that embryo of the song and with that, Andrew gave rise to a demo with blues touches to evolve the piece and take a more defined form.
"The lyrics he wrote were really inspiring, straight from the heart, I know how much those lyrics meant to him, it was very personal and appropriate for the moment of love he went through."

Shot on a cloudy day in Prague, the video for "Never Tear Us Apart" is as iconic as that of "Need You Tonight." With his curly hair in his face and his long, brown coat, Hutchence is a portrait of the wounded lover. This song has one of his strongest-ever vocal performances, colored by a touch of theatricality -- necessary to making us believe this is a man who would truly try to make wine from your tears. And because this is an album that won't let you rest