Hello everybody! I decided to write an article for the first time, and I will not linger over the words because I am not good at dealing with them. Here are my fifteen favorite songs I've been listening to over the weeks of September, and I hope you identify with something [I do not want to be the only one to have such a tasteless taste]. If you want more, I'd be happy to do it. This is cool. See you later, enjoy!

WARNING: Some songs are Brazilian, because I love my country. And they're great, I swear!

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1 - Say You Won't Let Go [James Arthur]
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2 - Fetish [Selena Gomez ft. Gucci Mane]
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3 - Look What You Made Me Do [Taylor Swift]
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4 - Sorry Not Sorry [Demi Lovato]
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5 - Red [Fifth Harmony's cover]
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6 - Fallingforyou [The 1975]
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7 - The Last Time [Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody]
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*8 - No Way [Fifth Harmony]
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9 - Angel [Fifth Harmony]
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10 - Thinkin' 'bout you [Frank Ocean]
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11 - Don't Say You Love Me [Fifth Harmony]
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12 - Por Enquanto [Cássia Eller] Brazilian song.
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13 - Sweater Weather [The Neighbourhood]
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14 - b.e.d. [Jacquees]
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15 - i hate u, i love u [Gnash ft. Olivia O'brien]
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BONUS: Trevo [AnaVitoria ft. Tiago Iorc] Brazilian song.