Today, I saw this video on youtube in which a girl talks about a wrong decision, so she lives in Seattle now even though she should have moved to NYC but she didn't believe in herself.
And I was thinking, wow, other people do have problems too. I'm not saying that I never consider that, but aren't we all somtimes living our lifes and not doing very well and then we see all those people on instagram and they are living a dream life and we feel even worse, so I've had a really bad day, but suddenly I was like, other people are having really bad days too. So even though im sick and miss someone and am kind of arguing with my mother and my friend whom I haven't seen in three months did not say anything more to me than 'it was nice to see you', I was suddenly aware, that I'm not the only person in the world.
So, what I aim to say is, we are not alone, not when we're laughing and not when we're having a bad day.

And if you're having a bad day, I'm having one too, but it doesn't matter, because tomorrow is another day and we can start moving to New York and live our lives as we should have already today. So get up have a coffee, take a walk, aim high and don't let it become a bad week. I won't either.


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