Hello everyone!

I really like this new articles thing. :)
I haven't write anything for a long time and I am looking forward to start again.

This is my first article and I decided to introduce myself.

I am a girl from Europe, with big wishes and dreams. Working hard to accomplish everything that comes to my mind, because life is only one and you have to live it the fullest.

I am very positive person, trying to find good things in everyone and everything. I smile a lot. Really a lot. Maybe even too much. :D
My zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and I am typical one. Adventurous, happy, funny, traveller. Just don't put me in one place, 'cause I'm gonna run away! ;)

fashion, girl, and girly image

I like to read a lot, watching series (and when I start to watch, it's always a marathon of all seasons 🙈), listening to music, travel, walking around the city, hanging out with my friends, late night conversations, stargazing and clubbing..

You can find a lot more about me on my profile. Whi is the place where I put my dreams, goals, wishes and accomplisments.

Thank you for reading, write to you soon. kisses 😘😘