• English is not my first language, but i gues you will understand*

{ For the boy i felt terrible in love with but never got the courage to tell him. }

I don't know what it was, maybe your eyes, maybe your goddamn smile or maybe it was the way who you are. But in the end i alway knew i loved you, but i also knew i would never tell you. Even when i knew the feeling was that strong i wanted to be with you, i wanted to be who you wanted me to be, for you. But i knew that was never going to happend. Why? Because you where my friend, you where the person i loved to spend time with. And we all know that if i told you, i would end up with a broken heart left behinded with one friend gone. But our friendship was beautifull to except that i did love you more than that. But you always made feel special, in every way. You where the guy friend every girl dreamed of. You where the better me, and that was what i loved the most about you i gues. But in the end time went so fast, we growed up way to soon and time did change, like you found a girl a girl you loved more than just a friend. And i gues that breaked my heart more than i realised.

To my dear friend, this one is for you. This love one is for you, this short love story is yours. And mine. We will never be a thing, because you are still with your first and i think that's fine. I thinks it's beautifull how you love her, but know that i will always love you a little bit more.