Hello to you who read this article(:

I've watched a lot of movies and precisely love movies. I love love love love them and they make me always to cry in the end. I don't know why?
and why I share this to you?

Because, I don't know have you ever had this feeling when you watch a movie, I have and I don't know is that a good or bad thing, and in the end it is somehow really strange feeling, I don't know why?,
anyway I have that's kind of feeling that all what happens in the movie all the good and bad thing that all happens to me, and then after a movie I start thinking, how happy I would be if it really happened to myself. Do you know this feeling? (It's hard to explain feeling, but I hope that you catch the feeling and idea what I explain to you)....

And that's why I think and I believe that I never ever have a really good relationship or anything else like that, because I always expect a lot of in relationship and I hope it could be like the all movie love story. I don't know?
Humans mind is very strange thing. Someday you know what you feel and someday you just don't know....