Hi guys, i´m back! today i want share with you guys my version of how to be a fashion icon. well, this is just my idea and opinion, okay? and if you guys want, let´s start!

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  • Know Yourself

in my opinion, this is the most important thing. you need to know yourself, know what you like and don´t. and, of course, you own style!

  • Inspire yourself

You´re a hearter, this is great! now explore this amazing place and find it out what´s inspires you. you can find someone to be your icon too, but always respect your body and limitations.

  • Be brave, don´t have afraid

Coco Chanel said "If you want to be original, be ready to be copied" and this is true, dears. this has already happened with me. i once decided to change my style and then, i painted my hair in purple. i´m not the most cool girl in my neighborhood, God i´m not, really. but i was the first one in my neighborhood. months later, almost half the girls were coloring their hair.
p.s. nobody liked my hair in the first week.

  • They will judge you, but do not care

You need to wear whats make you happy, comfortable and powerful. don´t care about what people say, clothes are the skin we choice. so always wear what you like, to be remembered.

  • Be Confident

this is the consequence of all those things i talked first. and you can´t be confident if you always copy the style of other people. this is your life, we have one chance, only one.

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in the end of the day, everything comes down: be yourself without afraid. and don´t wait for others saying "omg baby, you look so cool!" "you are my style icon!" you need to do for yourself, to be happy with yourself, okay?

well lovely hearters, this is everything for now, okay?

bye bye

all the love, K.