Things that annoy me

1-Slow people
2-The people that in Instagram do not load any photo in which the whole face is seen
3- to send me homework
4-that someone repeat me many times something I've already heard
5- people who think they are superior
6-that the people you know that not follow you back (who do you think you are Justin Bieber?).
7- people tell me to shut up
8-miss someone who doesn't miss me
9-want to be friends with someone who does not want to be my friend
10-That people don' listen to me when I'm spiking
11-Stress or have anxiety
12-Feeling alone
13-cry when in fact feel anger frustration not sadness
14- wake me up when I'm dreaming something beautiful (wake me up in general)
15-don't be able to hold back the tears
16-Let my heart beat fast when I see someone who i care about for no reason
17-to lie to me or hide something from me
18-feel that I can not achieve what I want
19-feel that i look uglier than other girls
20-feeling sad for no reason
21-Do not smile for long simply because I have no reason to do
22-Forget the name and lyrics of a song I know
23-that compare me
24-be so messy
25-that people who used to be my friend are now an unknown
26-That people feel sorry for me
27-the feeling of disappointment
28-feel that I'm not important to someone who i care about
30-have a notification and not what I expected
31-be so shy sometimes and so little other
32-That i don't know how to talk to guys
33-not be the first
34-not being able to control things
35-to study
36-not having internet
37-No battery charge
38-Let the summer holiday be over or holidays in general
39-stay afonic
40-don't listen to what people tell me
41- boredom
43-the depressing things (except the songs)
45-when people read the messages and don't message back
46-when people don't message back in general
47-That the song gets wrong while I singing
48-That obligue me to read something I don't like
49-many slow people walking down the street together
50-When people think they have discovered something and only he can be fan, read, wear it, sing it or something else ...
51-When someone always has to be the protagonist
52-that blame me for something I haven't done
53-That people watch or talk about trash TV
54-dizziness easily
55-be called by my surname
56-I hate that people don't smile me back