I feel like there nothing that work with me , my life is like a big mess

there is a huge empty place inside me and this empty place is hurting me

it's make me feel like they don't love me and no one will ever love me

but i try to do evrything to be a good friend , a good daughter , a perfect

sister . i try , i try beyt when i see nothing it burn me i feel like i want to go

away i guess that being alone it better for me , do you know why because

i'am sad and no one could destroy this sadness evrytime i said to my self

ines the is the last time that you feel sadness but no it's not (by the way

my name is Ines) i'am going to feel like that all my life!

what wrong with me ! why i don't have luck why i can't spend my day

without faking a smile .........