tere is this guy. Older. 2 years. He is one year over me. Let's call him Mateo.

The first time i noticed him was carneval last year. He wore a suit (OMG *-*). Tall and mascular. Brown curls and brown eyes. I thought he was good looking and thats it.

At the end of the schoolyear we had a project.week. And gues who's in my project? Of course I observed him.
And on the last day, while a few girls and me are painting a shed, his sitting on a bench with a friend and is looking at us. I asked him why he isn't helping us. So he stad up, took a brush and paint from me and started painting. We talked a lot about everything. We were together all the time that day.
Because it was the last day of school we couldn't see us for a long time.

But i mean we just talked once. Thats it.
After a while i followed him on Instagram and then he followed me back. I was so happy. But hey! It's just Instagram, no reason to flip out.
Then a few month later I saw his snapchat name in his bio. I thought why not? and added him.
This was on saturday.
On Sunday he added me back and on Monday morning he send me two pictures. Without any meaning, just reandom stuff. But i was shocked.

This hot, nice guy sent me TWO snaps! I totally freaked out! I sent a picture back and in the evening we were texting non-stop. After a while he asked for my number, so we keept texting on whatsapp, everyday.

We wanted to see us at a village festivale. i was there with my friends and he wanted to come with his friends. I waited and waited. But i didn't showed up.

To be continued.