hey guys, first i'd like to introduce myself.
i'm lena, i'm 14 years old and im a german student who makes an exchange to france for 3 months.
i'm in france now, since 2 weeks and i thought a lot about writing an artikle about my time here. but i just want to share my experiences and thoughts with you, so here i am.

the first weeks i am here were very stressful to me, because my french isn't the best and i'm far away from speaking fluent french. sometimes i don't have a clue what the people are saying to me and i'm just like "what the hell am i doing", then there are moments i just miss my family and my friends so incredibly much and just want to go back to germany hug them. but then there are these times i just can enjoy this time and have a good time with my host family. i think this exchange is gonna be a great experience for me and i'm happy to have the chance to do it.

i think i will upload an article every week for you, so you can go on this journey with me.

i'm sorry for my engish, but i'm german and i thought the most of you guys speak english, so it's better for you

see you next week, bye