These are some of my favourite bad boys in movies. The cold eyes cigarette in one hand and a smirk to die for have most people loving and hateing these boys at the same time.

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*The Breakfast Club

With its charismatic characters and witty comebacks this movie is loved and known by everyone. And our seemingly bad boy turns out to not be so bad after all.

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So this bad boy is a little crazy and with a killing tendency, but who cares right....
J.D is one of those characters that is so good at being bad , that makes you question even yourself.

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*Cry Baby

Young Johnny Depp. Do I really need to say more.

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It's a romance classic. Sometimes you just need a good black and white movie.

*Dirty Dancing

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Ahh your first love. It leaves you behind with bittersweet memories. The journey of Baby a innocent tomboyish girl with dreams to better the world , learns that life might not be that easy or care free but you hate to face it as it comes.

Well I hope you enjoyed my short list of Bad Boy Movies and hope that somehow you find it usefull.