The first of my seven might be the lies
And they don’t slip from my mouth for my own benefit most times it’s to spare others
The second might be low self esteem
I hear that you’re supposed to love yourself but is that possible in such a vain world
Where they tend to nip and tuck at the very soul of a human
Judgment itself takes third place
I tend to determine who someone is before I even learn their name
The fourth would be the fact that even those who feel incredibly
Close to me know nothing about me, like were all at some masquerade party
And while others revel themselves my mask remains permeant
The fifth is that I care too much about what others think
With each new person that comes into my life I mold into their idea of me
As if I were some piece of clay
The sixth would be that I have big dreams but I fill myself with doubt
Wondering if I will ever be the one to reach them
And the seventh of my sins is lack of emotion
I know I should care…. yet I don’t and maybe having a lack of emotions
Is an emotion within itself…. but I don’t know and I don’t care
But I do wonder if these personal sins are enough to label me a sinner?