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´´Stay close to anything that makes you glad you´re alive´´

If you are like me, you know what pain feels like. You know how tough life can be. You struggle everyday with all different kinds of problems. Whether it is school, work, family, friends, love or just your current situation. But you have the feeling, that the biggest problem is your own person.

We live in a society, where everything and everyone needs to be perfect in order to be accepted. You need to be beautiful, skinny, talented, sporty, a straight A- Student. You need to be successful and to be popular. Then, but only then, you´re worth something.

I know, that this imagination is putting you under a lot of pressure. Everybody wants to fulfill the requirements.

That is exactly the reason, why so many people are getting depressed, suicidal, start taking drugs and drinking alcohol, developing an eating disorder and cutting themselves. Because they have pain inside themselves. All of these behaviors are signs, that something is going wrong.

Human beings are strong, powerful and they have such a strong will to survive, but we don´t recognize that we´re slowly destroying ourselves and those around us, if we keep on doing what we do.

Gandhi once said: ´´ Be the change you want to see in the world.´´

So we´re gonna start with ourselves. And by that, I don´t mean you need to be perfect. I don't mean you should put yourself under pressure. I mean you need to start to be kind to yourself. You need to do the things you like, because YOU want to do them. Not because anybody wants you to do them. You need to be able to say your opinion, without any regrets or shame. You need to respect yourself with the same appreciation you´re giving to others.

If I know one thing, then let me tell you it´s, that everyone is valuable.
Everybody deserves to be happy and free. Everybody should live life how he/ she wants. Nobody should be afraid to be the person he/ she wants to be, because everybody is beautiful and unique in his/ her own way.

I will promise you, if you start being genuine and kind to yourself you will feel so much better. Go step by step. But you deserve to be happy.
Here are some ideas, if you don´t know where to begin.

- Your grades are bad. Your boss is constantly screaming at you, because you made a mistake or your friends are mad at you, because you forgot their birthday? You made mistakes in the past and you will make mistakes in the future. That´s life. Accept it. It should be enough to keep on trying and to know that you´ve done what you could. If things are still going wrong, believe me, it´s not your fault. You need a different perspective. People make mistakes to learn from it, it´s easy as that. Don´t talk yourself down, because things aren´t always going your way.

- Distance yourself from Social Media.
This one really helped me a LOT.
Leave your Phone and your Laptop at home, once in a while.
No Facebook, no Instagram, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no Weheartit, no Snapchat.
It really makes a difference. On Social Media everybody is showing the highlights of their lifes. You only see the most beautiful pictures, you see the happiest moments and the greatest memories. And by no hate, this is great, but after a while you will get self- doubts. You will ask yourself : ´´Why can´t I be that beautiful?´´ ´´ Why can´t I visit such places?´´ ´´Why can´t I have such a great time?´´
But it´s not true. So shut your phone down, go outside and make great memories.

- Talk about anything, that is going through your mind. Please. Do that one for me. You´re not supposed to get through hard times by yourself. There will always be a person, who is listening. Even if you don't think so. If you don't want to talk about a specific Topic with your parents or your friends, go talk to a teacher or to a doctor.
People need help sometimes, there´s nothing wrong about it. I know, that this one is hard, but you will get better if you open up.

- Don´t isolate yourself from others. Your depression will get worse, if you do so. Your real friends will support you and will be there for you. Don´t be afraid to talk to them about your issues. If they can´t accept it, they´re not your real friends. Find someone you feel save with. Even if that person is your sibling or your mother. It doesn´t matter. It´s important to have an interpersonal connection.

- Find something relaxing and take the time to do, whatever is making you feel better.
Perhaps you like reading?
Playing an instrument or singing?
Making sports?
Spending time with your friends or your pets?
Activities you like are going to help you with your inner balance. They are a compensation to the stress you´re facing every day .

Don´t be too harsh with yourself. You are only human. Everybody is making mistakes. Everybody has his/ her own flaws. Life is about Experiences and Adventures. It´s about getting to know your surroundings. Meeting new people. It is about learning and sometimes about taking risks. But most important, it is about YOU, feeling good and being happy.

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