Yes, you read right.
I died.
And it was the worst feeling ever.
It was my soul or better say my hope which died and I saw it with my own eyes.
I saw it by myself in my dream.
I hang over a ravine and with me there was a boy who hang too.He asked me a question which I didn't understand. The only thing I know was that I smiled to the boy and said '' It is okay to die. Life is not for everyone.'' and then I let go and fell very deep.

After that i woked up but it was not really me. It was the soul in my dream. I was still dreaming and I was like a spectator who observe everything. My soul tried to wake up my body but it doesn't worked. I was dead. I was scared and full of panic but then there came someone and take my soul away and my body laid on my bed without moving and without a heartbeat...

When I really waked up I feel that something was missing. When i looked in the mirrow I didn't recognized myself. Something was gone out of my life and it wasn't my soul. It was my hope. I lost my hope and I am not sure if I ever will get it back.
Right now I am just a body without a sense in life and i am scared how it goes on__

>>> for everyone who needs help or someone to talk, please write me per direct Messenger on Instagram. You find the link in my bio or just search _speechlessss_ and you will find me. I am there for you and you can trust me. We will make it together trough this hard time<<<

love you all xxx