Hello guy! I really like this new challenge so I've wanted to try it out :)
Here is number one, the get to know me part. Pls do not judge me :D

1. I am vegetarian. I want to be vegan but my parents do not let me.
2. I am probably the most loyal person in the world which I had trouble
3. I am 16 and I have never been kissed before.
4. I am socially anxious (RIP me)
5. I love my friends and I could do anything for them.
6. I want to do a lot of things but I just do not have enough time for
7. I love baking and cooking but I just can't :DD
8. Sometimes I just want to die.
9. I am soo into black tea with rice milk.
10. I am a cat person <3
11. Sometimes (okay, often) I hate people.
12. When I go to bed I imagine a new world or my future impossible life :D
13. I have tried drinking and cigarette and I was drunk once.
14. I spend too much time thinking. Overthinking.
15. My favourite bands are Imagine Dragons and Why Don't We.
16. I love Halsey, too.
17. Girlpower!
18. I am against racism and sexism.
19. I live in a country with beautiful nature and people.
20. My favourite social media is Youtube.

SO that's all. I hope you like it.
Send me a postcard or write me, I'd really appreciate it!