I'm sure that this has happened to everyone of you at least one time.
Well today it happened to me!

I'm this really fragile girl that can cry over the smallest things, and today during my geography lesson there was that really annoying boy right in front of me.
first it started with that I'm stupid and dumb and that doesn't hurt because almost everyone I know tell me at least once a day that I'm to smart for my own good.
I'm sorry boy but I'm not stupid and dumb.

And when half of this lesson has passed he stated calling me names and stuff. Like thanks mate, I know I'm a slut(you tell the girl who has had 1 boyfriend in her whole life)
But I'm really feeling down right now because I can not stand it when people start to insult me and swear with cancer and stuff.

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So yeah I'm just telling ya all because I need to tell it to someone who will understand me because everyone has this moments and some of you know exactly how I'm feeling now right now

And it's funny that I feel a lot better after I have written all of this

thank you for reading

lots of love,