hey there,

I read this article from this girl, here on WeHeartIt and coudn't stop reading all of her posts. She inspired me to do this here.

I dont thing i will do it reagularly. But I just LOVE this idea of writing love-stories. Not like these cliché love-stories. I mean like these real-life-love-stories, stories from me, stories from my friends, stories from school. REAL LIFE.

Maybe I'll beginn with introducing myself. I'm a 16(almost 17)-year-old german girl (so I'm sorry for all the mistakes I made or will make). I'm single. But not without a love life. So I have a few stories to tell.

I'm curious about the hearts I'll get, not because I want them, but because thats the way I see how many people will read this. Are there just my two best friends or are there other girls (or boys)?

@probablyancientbeauty thank you <3