hey guys, as I said yesterday, I'm here writing the second article for the 15 days writing challenge (credits to sofie, @dreamer). The second challenge is to put down a list of the things you are grateful for. I am really excited for this challenge!

• I am grateful for my amazing nonna and family

• I am grateful for being able to study and learn new things

• I am grateful for being able to travel sometimes

• I am grateful for the things I own, from my polaroid camera to my toothbrush

• I am grateful to have a house were I can go at night and feel safe

• I am grateful because of my (few) friends

• I am grateful for the flowers that I can look at and smell

• I am grateful everyday because I'm alive.

be grateful for what you have instead of wasting time crying over things you'll never get, life is too short for this.

hope you liked today's article for the challenge,
Ily <3
xoxo, An