There are a lot of great places to visit in this world. I would like to mention my top 10 capitals that I would like to visit. Some of those that I love are not included, because I have alredy visited them.


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Since I was a little child, I wanted to go to Japan. Everything started because of anime. Now I have more reasons why I want to visit it.


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I find this city very beautiful and magical. Every piece of architecture is a masterpiece.


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I would love to see the blending between old and new buildings, eat the delicious meals andenjoy the fashionable people.


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The city of love. I would instantly fall in love with the buildings, the petite cafeterias and the museums of art.


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The gloominess of this capital suits my mood and also autumn. I also kind of like the fact that it is raining a lot.

Hong Kong

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The buildings there are out if this world. I would also like to eat a lot of their food.

Washington DC

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I would love to see a huge variety of nations and cultures there. Also I believe this is the city ofall the posibilities, where you can do a lot of fun stuff.

New Delhi

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The spiritualily and exoticism in this place made me want to visit it. More than that, they have delicious food and interesting rituals.


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I would happily live here. Almost everything about Italy makes me smile. I love the history, the architecture, the art ,the food and the energy.


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A nice place to visit. It gives you a Christmas vibe almost every time of the year.

I hope one day I will visit all of this amazing cities. Also I hope I will get too see much more than this places.